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All the reasons for us to offer you excellent value for money insurance :

  • We specialize in international insurances.
  • We compare and select with great care insurance according to your specific situation.
  • We negotiate directly with insurers to get you the best deals.
  • We guarantee our partners large volumes of clients to offer you very competitive rates.
  • We can therefore offer you great rates, for you to enjoy and take advantage of.

How can I apply to GoldImpat ?

Follow these three steps:

  1. Send the completed application form along with the medical form.
  2. Attach a copy of your passport and your IBAN, swift Code for reimbursements.
  3. Choose your mean of payment. You can subscribe by email or fax and confirm your membership by sending your application form by post.

Who can apply to GoldImpat ?

Anyone living outside their country of origin, who has come to France to work or live, no matter how long the duration is. Whether you are self-employed, artist, part of a company, entrepreneur… You can apply to GoldImpat.

What are the conditions for application?

Cover takes effect upon receipt of application, medical questionnaire, bank details, copy of passport, payment of dues and after approval by the insurer.

The beneficiary of the contract is provided after registering:

  • Immediate care and hospitalization due to accidents and unexpected illnesses
  • After 3 months for all other outpatient care
  • After 6 months for dental and optical care
  • After 10 months for maternity care.

These waiting periods may be cancelled if health insurance was purchased before and terminated less than a month ago, except for maternity.

The contract is signed for one year, renewable automatically and may be terminated with a notice period of two months under the terms and conditions of the contract. Payments can be paid by quarter, semester or annually by bank transfer, french check, Visa or Mastercard credit card or bank direct debit (from a European account).

3 different level insurance

OPTICAL AND DENTAL CARE included included included
REPATRIATION ASSISTANCE optional optional optional