The education for expatriate children

As young people go back to school this september, children’s education is the subject on the agenda. So, the expatriation of the parents in a new country asks inevitably the question of expats’s children education abroad.

The choice of the school

Register him in a local school or choose one of the 441 institutions of french teaching which we find in 135 countries of the world is the dilemma which the parents have to face.

To choose a local school means that the courses will be done in the tongue of the country and according to the curriculum used. It can allow your child to become truly bilingual and to develop more easily friendship with other young people ; but foreign curriculums are not always of the same level that the one offered in France.

The education in a french school abroad represents a significant financial cost which differs according to countries, the United States and Asia won the first prize for the french school the most expensive in the world. In return, this type of establishment is approved by the french ministry of education abroad, it represents a guarantee for the education given to the students. Moreover, grants are given acording to the income of the family.

The distance learning : a solution for the expatriates.

Another possible alternative is the distance learning for expatriate children.

The CNED, National Center for Distance Learning offer courses at affordable prices from the kindergarten to graduation. Courses, exercices and tests are done thanks to multimedia supports sent by email or by postal service and follow methodically

The french curriculum. Be careful, this type of education requires an important moral support from the relatives of the child and a big autonomy and rigor from the child ; so, a particular teacher can be a precious help. In addition to the CNED, other organisations offer now distance courses : les cours Legendre, l’école Hattemer, les cours Pi. It needs to be found the interlocutor the most appropriate to the needs of your child.

Whatever is the chosen solution, do not forget before leaving choosing an expatriate insurance adapted to you and your family !