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Are you planning on employing people in one of your subsidiaries in France, opening a representative office in France or regularly sending people on a mission in France?

So, you’re looking for a professional insurance France ?

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How to insure my employees in France ?

  • Looking to improve your conditions of your insurance company for business travel and expatriation of employees?
  • You want to optimize the guaranteed premium?
  • Looking for a better management of your insurance contract?
  • You want a broker at your service to support your international development?

Do not hesitate to contact us for your international insurance.

What kind of professional insurance France subscribe to my employees ?

We offer different insurance depending on the duration of the mission. Indeed, it can be a long stay or an expatriation.

France is a preferred location for multinationals over the world, indeed, it enjoys a very stable institutional framework that has proven its strength and effectiveness over time.
Moreover, it is important to know that French employees are among the most productive in the world.

Why choose Mondassur France-Insurance ?

Offer you the best value for insurance

As an insurance broker specialized at 100% in international insurance, we offer expat insurance plans which are assessed at the best price for specific needs according to your situation.

Save you time

Our job is to study the different policies offered by insurers and to select for you the insurance that is the most appropriate. Our customer advisors are there to know and advise you the most interesting contract for you. There are many offers presented on different websites for travel insurance and expatriate insurance, the website is one of the few to offer such a wide selection of insurance for short and long term for France.

Answer all your questions

Our advisors are there to respond individually to all your questions because we know it is important to go abroad with peace of mind and to know that you or employees were be covered in case of problems. We answer all your questions including the small print of any insurance policy. Our team can be contacted by phone, fax and email, and for our insured persons, they have access to a 24 hour a day emergency assistance by phone. All our advisors are subject to a charter on confidentiality on the provided information.