Self-insure abroad : a real solution ?

Are you going in France ? Some travelers or expatriates choose to self-insure so as not to pay the cost of international insurance. But is it a reasonable decision?

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Pay for medical care yourself?

Of course, self-insurance seems a good solution at first glance for the traveler. It makes the traveler independent, it allows, during reservations, to save money. Even though self-insurance may seem like a good idea, costly or urgent incidents must be taken into account. Emergency operations may be necessary during your time abroad. An extraction of wisdom teeth (600 euros) for example if you stay one year. Or, really urgent case, the operation of appendicitis (6200 euros).

The conventional wisdom about the cost of medical treatment in emerging countries is that medical costs are not expensive. In fact, there is the phenomenon of medical cost inflation in emerging countries, especially in Asia. The increase in the medical cost is between 10 and 15% per year. The increase in cost has been caused by the sophistication of the means of treatment, the development of high medical technology that requires a lot of investment. For example, fracture treatment of the tibial plateau and 3 days of hospitalization will cost you 9800 euros. 2 days of hospitalization for the treatment of gastroenteritis will cost at least 870 euros. These are huge sums to take care of yourself.

The problems of self-insurance

Then some exotic countries lack technology and doctors to diagnose diseases. This is the case of Papua New Guinea. Hospitals offer only basic treatment. For diagnosis and more advanced treatment and you have to move to Australia. The simple sanitary cost to Australia represents a cost ranging from 15000 euros to 50000 euros. And it is necessary to count in addition the repatriation. With quality assurance, such as Premium, you will be covered at 100% of actual costs in case of hospitalization and repatriation.

It seems that in some countries, a simple visit to the doctor can not ruin you. Indeed, the cost of medical visits is not high in some countries. Note that you must master the language of the country because it is likely that doctors do not speak French. If, on the other hand, your medical Mandarin is far from perfect, it is better to go to a private clinic to obtain the advice of a more specialized doctor. These consultations can cost you a fortune. It is best to take out international travel or expat insurance to be protected from all risks.

In short, international insurance for travelers allows you to enjoy your holiday with peace of mind. Make your choice of travel or expat insurance easier with our free instant online advice and quotes.

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