Study in France this year

Are you leaving for a university exchange in September? Make sure you are well prepared before you leave. It would also be important to take out student insurance as soon as possible.

Study in France

A semester of exchange is preparing

By the end of August, university exchange students abroad begin their semester in a new country. More and more schools offer one or two semesters of exchange. Students are often interested in this experience in a new country for them.

But to feel comfortable in their new school and country, students must first learn about the teaching and the laws of the country.


If you are lucky, your university will offer you housing on campus or a partnership. If your university does not offer you anything, turn to the French groups there. There are several Facebook groups of mutual assistance and many housing proposals. You will also be able to contact people from your university in France who have been to your exchange university.

Health insurance

In your exchange country you can not be covered as in France. There is the European Health Insurance Card which facilitates health-related approaches in Europe. But even with this card, you will need insurance covering you for all health expenses. If you are outside of Europe, you will have to take out student insurance.

List of emergency numbers

You need to know the numbers of firefighters, police and the equivalent in Samu of the country in which you will be staying. Make sure you know what to do and who to call in case of problems.

Scholarships and possible helps

You can inquire at your university’s international relations office. For example, Erasmus + offers helpers when you are in Europe.

Mondassur accompanies you during your Erasmus or exchange abroad. We advise you the best student insurance for your departure.